SimpleNews currently offers great a way to deliver news and information to a single client base. ShopSmart is designed to take this premise a little further and offer a platform that delivers information, news events and offers for a whole community.

Take a walk down your High Street, moving along from shop to shop. Green buildings jump out at you, indicating a special offer or news for that business. Tap on the store to see the details. From there you can visit the website, call the store or even get a map and directions.

ShopSmart has the following features in its basic configuration. 

  • Scrolling Shopping Street view with launcher buttons for other features.
  • Detailed information for each business - Address, Telephone, Website, GPS location.
  • Multiple offers for each business with separate listing of offers.
  • Ful list of all website links
  • Built-in Events database - Arts, Social, Charity and Seasonal event listings.
  • No server-side scripting required.
  • Works with just FTP access to your web server.
  • The update downloads three simple data files and only uses a few kilobytes of precious data.
  • Flexible Update Schedules.
  • Fully customizable update speeds (minutes to days).
  • Virtually unlimited businesses, events and offers.
  • Windows Desktop Application manages all updates.
  • Web-Cam website integration plug-in also available.

ShopSmart was designed for use by Chamber of Trade / Commerce organisations to promote their towns, but it is also well suited to any and all of the following.

  • Chamber of Trade / Chamber of Commerce
  • Retailers Associations
  • Retail Park Management
  • Shopping Malls / Arcades
  • Local Authorities 

For full information on the cost of implementing and customizing ShopSmart to your needs, visit our CONTACT page and email for more details. As a platform that is already proven and working, designed from the ground up to be flexible and customizable, it may cost considerably less than you think. 

Android Screenshots:

Windows Screenshots




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In Final Beta testing 

The ShopSmart App for Ramsey is in Beta Testing. It is being trialled on a number of devices to test for compatibility and the robustness of the platform before finally being released.

A drive to get the businesses of the town onboard will start shortly.