The SimpleNews platform offers a quick, simple no-nonsense way to deliver news and information to Android Devices. It combines a low-cost Android app solution with a Windows Desktop application that manages the delivery system via FTP through your existing web-site.

  • No server-side scripting required.
  • Works with just FTP access to your web server.
  • Just two files are used during updates.
  • Flexible Update Schedules.
  • Fully customizable update speeds (minutes to days).
  • Customizable number of entries.
  • Windows Desktop Application manages all updates.

For full information on the cost of implementing and customizing SimpleNews to your needs, visit our CONTACT page and email for more details. As a platform that is already proven and working, designed from the ground up to be flexible and customizable, it may cost considerably less than you think. 

Android Screenshots:

Windows Screenshots



Title Current Status Notes Market Link

SimpleNews MFA

Completed Ver. 1.01.40

Now Available on the Android Market

This version acts as the technology demonstrator for the SimpleNews platform. News and info from

SimpleNews RamseyCam

Completed Ver. 1.00.20

Now Available on the Android Market

Live news and events for My work town, Ramsey Isle of Man.

This version includes direct access to the RamseyCam Webcams and is available direct from the RamseyCam Website.

SimpleNews DW Cars

Completed Ver. 1.00.20

Now Available on the Android Market

The latest vehicle news and offers from DW Cars in Douglas, Isle of Man.

Customised with graphics and news categories that are motor orientated.